Escaping The Matrix Part 1

Introduction Part 1.

Many have now made the first step in the shift in consciousness that is accelerating around the planet. It is a personal journey each has started out on, and it takes myriad forms. In it, we, as individuals, start to really understand the context of our world for the first time. This then builds into a powerful mass effect being created by very large numbers of people, all at different stages of this new understanding – or ‘awakening’ - but all travelling in the same direction. Using the concept of ‘morphic resonance’ (i.e., all being entrained by the same set of vibes) they reinforce each other through the positive energies they generate as they progress.

The same vibes then start to draw in many others – or at least, that is the potential. It’s the Hundredth Monkey effect being applied to us!

Many people – aided by the films of the same name – understand that there is a controlling matrix of some sort. It consists of energy, psychological and institutional devices, economic warfare against the population and numerous disinformation techniques. These have not simply been aimed at power and control, but also serve to hold humanity in a sort of ‘energetic stasis’. This is regarded as vital by the Illuminati/NWO (or whatever they are calling themselves this week!) since they well understand that they are defeated once mass consciousness rises above a certain level. A later article in this series will look at the matrix itself in some detail.

As RMN and other sites that bring us alternative and ‘missing’ news help us absorb what is actually going on around us, we come to understand that nothing in our reality is quite as it seems. RMN and its peers on the web therefore serve to activate and facilitate this journey of awakening, through a series of stages. Initially, we all live entirely within the old worldly context that is frequently referred to (and rightly) as ‘The False Reality’.

As each of us learns more, we first begin to suspect that this context no longer serves humanity, whatever words we use to describe it; and that perhaps it is even past its sell-by date. Then, step by step we realise how the duality in which we have all existed for so long has been dominated by negative forces for millennia. We observe as many of the global scams that the ‘Billionaire Boys’ of the new world order are running or attempting to run stand increasingly exposed. Soon, we absolutely know that there are better ways for our world to be.

Much around us points to our being at a nexus point, where dramatic, positive change really is possible. We read predictions of ‘transformation’, ‘ascension’, ‘new reality’, the ‘Golden Age’ – and all the other shorthand ways that try to illustrate what is happening. As we do so, the potential for radical transformation starts to seep into our consciousness, often accompanied by a deep dissatisfaction that can, if seen positively, be the driver to move us forward.

Such observation is all well and good, but how do we start to use our new-found understanding to create actual solutions? How can we work – both individually and collectively - towards evolving something vastly better? And can we find really effective ways to leverage what we have realised, in order that many more are encouraged to start the same process?

So, a reality check! Are we hopelessly trapped in the agenda and power operations of the new world order? Is all that we read about inevitable and we are powerless to change it? Is the matrix of control that the powers that be have crafted a real and impenetrable barrier? Or can we find ways to transcend it and journey to co-create a worldly context that is genuinely new?

It seems that further massive change is now absolutely inevitable, quite regardless of what humanity does. The change is not merely the escalating process of modern development, nor just the accelerating shift in our understanding. Potentially it is an evolutionary jump that can take humanity to a completely new level, a true metamorphosis that is held by many to bring with it the most astonishing gifts of new faculties, high levels of natural health through enhanced self-repair capability and much more.

Many ancient writings refer to this happening at this time and most religious source documents hint at it – though often in terms we cannot now recognise because of mistranslation through more than one language, accompanied by much human interference as the priesthoods (of whatever persuasion) pervert the underlying message to enhance their control. Yes, of us (of course!)

Even Albert Einstein wrote about a huge change which he expected by the end of the twentieth century, although he saw it as primarily an expansion of the human mind as the sum total of our knowledge grew exponentially.

Therefore, a really positive view of what is happening around us is the metamorphosis of humanity into a new and higher form, and the creation of a new reality to support our rapid evolution as this happens. To a considerable extent, much of the change process is now on automatic. However, if increasingly large numbers of us pro-actively participate and start to drive the process, the change we jointly create will be greatly enhanced; more attuned to what humanity really desires and going much further than if we are all inert to what is happening. In practice, of course, our influence is already substantial – but it can go much further if we are individually and collectively willing.

It is widely reported that there are others in higher realms of consciousness that are actively supporting us, and that they may even represent huge resources in many ways. Even if this is the case, nobody is going to step in and do ‘rescue’.

Ultimately, WE ARE THE ARCHITECTS OF WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, and large numbers of us need to embrace this task if the full potential for massive, positive evolutionary change is to be delivered.

So, if there is this potential for a new and far more positive reality to emerge during this lifetime, HOW DO WE PARTICIPATE? What can we do to focus on and accelerate our own development, and thus contribute to the whole? Can the great mass of well-meaning and good hearted people around the world take their power back? Can we co-create the positive reality that we dream of – or will most of us fail to engage as the critical time period progresses? If we are to engage properly, then what are the earthly mechanisms for doing this? Can we move ourselves beyond the programmed instability and harshness of the old duality, and intentionally create something new that is a genuine step forward?

Indeed, can we deliver the next, long-promised golden age?

To do all this, we must understand the many facets of the control matrix that has been placed upon us; examine how to escape it; and embrace the path that takes us to the higher reality that is - if we are willing to claim it - our heritage.

X- Hermes

Footnote: The articles that follow will attempt to set out a series of sign-posts, processes and personal developments that act as a toolbox for this journey in which – if enough join in - humanity creates its own new reality.

Many thanks to X- Hermes, the author, and to Rumor Mill News for allowing TM Awearness to post this article here.

Posted on 26/01/2011



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