Escaping The Matrix Part 2

What is the Matrix ?

There are many ways of defining the Matrix.

A narrow definition would be our manipulation by energy frequencies in many forms ( like HAARP Network and some forms of microwave telecommunications ). The widest definition is to take in all the various technologies, institutional manipulations and frauds being perpetrated against us, the population at large.

Since we need to find our way out from under all such influences, I propose to take the widest definition I can.

The narrower definition is, however, important. To come to an understanding of this view of the matrix, we need to understand the extent to which we are energy beings first, not merely physical bodies. If we can succeed in holding ever higher frequencies, we move beyond the point where we can be controlled by anyone who might want to create a following or manipulate the public to their own advantage. This is desperately important to the New World Order, for if we move beyond their control, everything they represent collapses.

Therefore, to Escape the Matrix and achieve our individual journey to the new reality we each need to expand the frequencies we are able to hold. Just how this can be managed is the focus of a later article in this series.

The success of the Illuminati and their successors, the New World Order, has been in keeping us fragmented and in turmoil, so that we cannot pass energetically out of their control. A wide range of techniques is used to do this, and most of us are subjected to many (if not all) of them. When I look at the list below, I find it quite breathtaking. Why, I ask myself, should any good-hearted, well-meaning human believe any of this? But that it exactly what we all have to do, in order to remove these negative influences from our lives and move on.


1. The long-term development of our Minds and Egos, beyond, and in denial of, many other faculties (mostly now latent). As a result, for large numbers of us there is little if any genuine spiritual or magical component in our lives.

3. Materialism. Trapped in the need for more, more, more.

5. Specialisation and analysis. Stops intelligent people from seeing the whole picture and thereby ‘working things out for themselves’.

6. Strategies for the wholesale breakdown of family, community, rights of passage throughout life and higher values.

7. The suppression of values derived from higher awareness, honouring self and intuition, inner directedness.

8. The generating of scarcity consciousness as a powerful control mechanism.

9. The systematic targeting of individuals who are effective in spreading enlightenment, to disable them, often through terminal illness or fatal 'accident'.

Government and National .

10. Taxation as a vehicle for economic enslavement. For many countries the cost of armed services and their supporting technologies is the biggest budget item. Taxes therefore have a prime role in servicing the financing of wars and creating vast profit for the military-industrial complex.

11. The institution of large budget, complex public works and projects (including spurious and/or criminal wars), the budgeting for which is not easily followed by the public, thus providing a very effective way of stealing vast amounts from the public purse.

12. The promotion of negative cultural and community trends by governments under the guise of political correctness, the ‘nanny state’, escalating penalties as fund raisers, cultural dilution of the original population and its traditions and so on and so on.

Global .

13. Divided we fall – through war and other conflict. The systematic division and separation of humanity by fomenting dispute and war, while generating huge profits. Humanity is fragmented by a very successful strategy to set human against human. War is always totally engineered by someone, excuse frequently religion. If they are in the right place they can always make great gain without significant risk. In war, the winner is never who it seems.

14. The fomenting of wars as the primary method of enslaving Kings, Heads of State, Governments – and the nations they are supposed to protect.

15. The establishment of the military-industrial complex worldwide, so that war may be perpetuated, including placing their key representatives in advisory positions within government and in most cases perverting governments to act on their behalf.

16. Control of, and vast profit from, all energy sources (oil, electricity, coal etc: plus the suppression of many free energy systems that draw from the cosmic grids).

17. The manipulation of stock, precious metals and commodities markets for profit, and the invention of 'derivatives' as a mechanism to control/collapse the global economy at will.

18. The denial of extra-terrestrial involvement with humanity over millennia.

19. The encouragement of fundamentalism, as a prime source of conflict and fear.

20. The perversion of the concept of democracy as a tool for placing New World Order operatives at the core of 'democratic' government.

21. Global Pharmaceuticals, or ‘Big Pharma’. More poisoning, dumbing down and dependency (they don’t want you dead and they don’t want you cured – just a nice revenue stream).

22. The denial and persecution of natural healing skills and knowledge in favour of those same money making pharmaceuticals. There are many dedicated and capable doctors, but they are not ‘healers’ in the true sense of the word. Thanks to the pharmaceutical industry, many are little better than licensed drug pushers.

Institutional .

23. Religion. Misinterpreting the ancient wisdoms and the systematic perversion of human spirituality into its controlling structures.

24. Money as manipulating force. International Bankers creating economic slavery. The systematic use of money as a tool for economic enslavement through usury - interest, entrapment through cheap loans, mortgages etc.

25. The systematic dumbing down of human creativity. Dedicated inventors, visionaries for the future and innovative thinkers go unsupported and unheard.

26. The widespread perversion of the educational systems by ignoring best practices, learning techniques such as accelerated learning, creativity training, spiritual and higher consciousness issues and much more.

Environmental .

27. The systematic poisoning of whole populations, so as to keep them malleable. Chemicals in our food and our water (aspartame, fluoride, agrichemicals, artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colourings and flavourings etc.) growth hormones passed on from animals bred for human consumption etc. Systematic poisoning lowers frequency.

28. The use of electronic and energetic warfare against populations, so that natural access to guidance and the ability to think freely are constantly disrupted. Broadcasting of frequencies: frequency fences, misuse of leylines. These negatively affect body frequencies, sometimes seriously.

29. The control of the media so that the population can be constantly programmed to the will of the NWO. Spin to the nth degree.

30. Subliminal coercion and spin from the advertising world. … and quite clearly, this long list is not exhaustive!

There is an old saying "The most effective slavery is of the man who believes he is free". This is you and me being described here! What are we going to do about it? As Winston Churchill is once reputed to have said, “Up with this we cannot put”.

In an upcoming article we shall look at how a ‘Policy of Reversal’ can start to move us away from the sum total of NWO control mechanisms, i.e., our first real step in Escaping the Matrix.


Many thanks to X- Hermes, the author, and to Rumor Mill News for allowing TM Awearness to post this article here.

Posted on 26/01/2011



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