Escaping The Matrix Part 3

The New World Order Paradox.

How do we deal with the New World Order? Well, here is the paradox – it appears that you can’t fight them, and you can’t ignore them. Well now, just what do we mean by this?

Theirs is the old reality that we are destined to leave behind if sufficient of us can get our ACT TOGETHER. The NWO are masters of duality. By this, I mean that they thrive on controlling and manipulating a polarised world, including exacerbating all forms of conflict and riding the energies that go with it. Their power rests in ‘divide and rule’ and conflict feeds this just perfectly.

Therefore, if we have some kind of confrontation with the NWO, they absolutely love it! We are choosing to fight on their ground, thereby reinforcing duality and pulling ourselves back into the old paradigm. It is then about them and us, good and evil, yin and yang, light and dark – and all the many polarities the old duality is made up of. These are all qualities which, at a higher level can be part of an integration - yes, even good and evil - once we have shifted our ground sufficiently to understand higher workings. By running a duality, the NWO and their antecedents have learned to play the game of conflict to perfection, when necessary deploying huge resources with smoke and mirrors everywhere, and great deceptions in play so that you probably don’t even know who it is you are fighting. As in any military battle, it is almost always a disadvantage when you find yourself fighting on the ground chosen by your opponent. In this case they have both designed the ground and written the rules. There is little or no mileage in our re-entering this scenario – we get sucked onto their (very hostile) ground and they inevitably WIN.

By the same token, we cannot merely ignore the NWO. They simply get on with what they are doing and, being in the control position, WIN by default.


What is needed is for very large numbers of people to simply walk away from the New World Order game. The NWO can only continue to rule and manipulate us if we allow it. Indeed, in our own way, we are co-conspiritors when we do so. Walking away is a positive act, especially effective if we can activate many others to do the same. It progressively disempowers the old paradigm game players. We should start thinking of them as The Powers That Were, and act accordingly.

We come now to the policy of reversal. Look at the list of scams, manipulations and anti-population activities that make up the earthly expression of the matrix. Take them one at a time, and ask:

a) To what extent am I affected by this?
b) Can I reverse the intention behind the NWO’s involvement? Is there a way that I can do the opposite of what they intend, or cause the opposite effect?

c) Are there others I can bring to the same viewpoint and get them to become pro-active too?

So, let’s take one NWO issue as an example. The matter of being controlled through excessive materialism. Responding to the questions above:

. a) Many of us are driven, consciously or unconsciously, by the advertising industry and its constant focus on product. I know I used to be. To quote an often used saying, ‘You end up spending money you don’t have, on goods you don’t really want to impress people you don’t even know’. It is all too easy to become totally entrapped by borrowings, having to work frantically just to stand still – and one’s personal frequencies held at a low level by the stress and anguish of the situation.

b) My Lady partner and I decided to take a different route. We delight in buying fine old cars (often for very little money and nil depreciation), a lot of household items from car boot/garage sales, charity shops and the like, and bulk quality food (spread between two or three families) from farmers’ markets. The game is finding new things of good quality for the biggest discount and, where possible, directly from the producer. Increasingly, we also exchange goods and services through barter. Our cost of living has decreased very markedly, while the standard has probably risen – and we have fun doing it. The result (over a considerable time) is that we have no borrowings, no mortgage and no overdraft. We don't have to work every hour that God sent to support it, either. And far from being pitied for driving twenty to forty year old vehicles, we are often envied for the style that comes with real ‘classics’. In terms of escaping the Matrix, a big part of the NWO entrapment plan – the banking world – has lost almost all its control over us.

c) Yes, we have got others doing the same thing, mainly by following our example.

This latter is an important factor. If we are to sideline the old powers (those that were!) we are part of a numbers game. Our power to create positive change grows exponentially as others join in. So, the more people you can carry with you, the bigger the impact on the old paradigm and the faster we can move ahead.

The skill is to be effective under every ‘control topic’. As you will see from the example, it is largely made up of a lot of practical stuff, operated in a pragmatic way. As you start to enjoy the game you can get really creative about ‘reversal’. Keep inventing new ways and spread the word as to what actually works for you, and try to move favourably on all the applicable Matrix topics over time. If there is a group of you, give a weekly (small) prize for the best reversal and have fun with it. Lots of light energy as you get on with the job of stepping forward and positively leaving the old, controlling paradigm.

As we start to walk away, the next question is ‘where are we walking to’? There is a path to be forged that will eventually take us to the new reality.,

In the next article, we shall examine how to start managing one’s personal energies so as to begin moving up through frequency and all that this means.


Many thanks to X-Hermes, the author, and to Rumor Mill News for allowing TM Awearness to post the article here..

Posted on 26/01/2011



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