Escaping The Matrix Part 4

Measuring Consciousness.

A most valuable book I read a while back, and now use as a kind of ‘consciousness primer’ is “Power Vs Force”, by Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. He is a medical doctor who has practiced kinesiology (using muscle testing to diagnose medical conditions) over many years. The basis of the technique is that the physical body has its own intelligence and, by using muscle testing, answers can be given to a wide range of questions. Having mastered kinesiology in medicine, Dr. Hawkins went on to extend his use of the technique into many other areas. Eventually, it enabled him (assisted by many of his students) to create a map of human consciousness. (Note: I very much recommend this book to anyone who wants to study Dr. Hawkins approach to mapping consciousness in detail. ISBN 1-56170-933-6 Hay House Publishing)

Dr. Hawkins has drawn this map of consciousness on a scale of 0 to 1000. The scale is, I think, somewhat arbitrary, but very effective as a comparative device.

On the scale are two nexus points, the first being at 200. Below this level, people tend to move slowly downwards, so that it becomes a constant struggle to keep positive in any way. This sector of 0 to 200 is associated with a number of negative qualities, such as Antagonism, Fear, Tragedy, Hopelessness and others.

Above 200, consciousness tends to start moving upward. Qualities such as Inspiration, Harmony, Mercy, Wisdom and others start to show up. At the time of writing the book (1995), Dr Hawkins had established that humanity as a whole was poised just below the 200 point, and had been for a considerable time.

My strong sense is that it is this frequency that so worries the New World Order. Once humanity as a whole breaks through what is, in effect, a ‘frequency fence’ and starts moving up in consciousness, their control is diminishing and soon after that it starts to actually fail.

The problem for the NWO is that many individuals have now risen above the 200 point, some of them by a considerable way. The effect of this is exponential, i.e., the higher the frequency held by the individual, the more the negative energies of others are counterbalanced by them. Dr. Hawkins tabulates this effect and, if he is correct, then the consciousness-raising impact of one person rising well above the average is quite extraordinary. For example, a person who is holding a frequency of 300 will, according to the table, counteract the negativity of 90,000 individuals operating below 200. When a person gets to the relative consciousness level of 500, they counteract the negative energy of 750,000 individuals below 200!

The second nexus point is at a level of 700. According to the good Doctor, this indicates the onset of true higher consciousness.

I use a pendulum and specific charts for dowsing, from time to time. Over the years the technique I have evolved has appeared to be most reliable in a number of areas. As I studied Dr. Hawkins book, I realised that the technique he has evolved using kinesiology, and mine with dowsing are near identical. If I assume that dowsing is merely another form of muscle-testing, this possibility seems logical. I therefore devised a use of a percentage chart (i.e., one that measures 0-100 in slightly less than a semicircle) to represent the Hawkins scale. I discovered that I could measure various aspects of consciousness, with remarkable results.

To recap then: according to Dr. Hawkins scale the effect of a relatively small number of people escaping the matrix is truly transformational, and will nullify the negative ‘anchoring’ of very large numbers. It appears that this, then, allows the whole of humanity to move upward in consciousness, on an accelerating curve. In our next article, we shall look at some of the apparent results that I have measured in different consciousness-building situations. This, in turn, will help us start to set out proactive moves that can jet us beyond the matrix, and to new levels of consciousness.

X-Hermes .

Many thanks to X-Hermes, the author, and to Rumor Mill News for allowing TM Awearness to post this article here.

Posted on 26/01/2011



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