Escaping The Matrix Part 5

Building Frequency.

In the last part of this series, we started to look at the scale of consciousness researched and established by Dr. David R Hawkins and set out in his book Power vs Force.

. Here, I am going to set out some measurements of groups meeting for various uplifting purposes, and the apparent effect on consciousness for each group. I use pendulum dowsing against a chart setting out the Hawkins scale of consciousness and for the purposes of this exercise I measure the average consciousness of each group.

To recap: the Hawkins scale goes from 0 – 1,000, shows humanity as a whole to be at around 200, with the onset of true enlightenment at around 700. The great Avatars are all at, or just below, 1,000 on this scale. By the way, it would appear that we have broken through this '200 barrier', and that the consciousness of humanity as a whole is now steadily moving upward. Humanity appears to have been stuck just below this level for a long while.

The first gathering I measured was a group meeting in London’s Islington, at a location set up by the spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen. Two of his staff facilitated just over 60 people in a remarkable experiment. It is worth noting that the group was very multi-ethnic and multi cultural. A wonderful mix of interesting people.

At the beginning of a one day event, I measured the average consciousness as being at around 270 on the Hawkins scale. We were then facilitated in a very simple process. A copy of a wise and interesting quote from Andrew Cohen was given to us. We were asked to meditate on it for a short while. Then the group, sitting in a large circle, was invited to add comments that would build on this statement. One by one, people added their observations, and the group became very creative as its collective vision unfolded. By lunchtime we were all very inspired. The group consciousness at this point measured 450. This level was maintained through lunch (we were asked to stay focused on the work we were doing) and through to the end.

This is an amazing leap in consciousness! Especially as Dr. Hawkins says that, for most people, if they move by two to three points in a lifetime, they are doing well.

By the finish of this process, the entire group was in an extraordinary state of consciousness, so much so that when we finished there was absolute silence for several minutes. Not one of the assembled company wanted to break the spell.

The next event I measured was a choral concert – uplifting music, but with no particular ‘consciousness intent’. This was also very much attended by the general public. Their group consciousness started at just above 200 and ended at 375. Similarly with a Christmas carol service, starting at 240 and ending at 340.

The most spectacular of a range of events was a Christmas gathering, hosted by a wonderful woman in her 90s, near London’s Regents Park. Like the Andrew Cohen event, the thirty five people who gathered were very multi-ethnic and multi-cultural.

The evening started with an outdoor blessing of the Earth. Then, indoors, we participated in a candle ceremony. A number of unlit candles were placed on a central table. People were invited to give their vision and hope for the coming year, and light a candle. When they were all lit, the procedure was carried in reverse until they were all extinguished again. Once more, at the end, nobody wanted to speak or move. It was several minutes before the stillness was broken. Our hostess then gave a very enlightened speech focusing on the positive aspects of our changing reality.,

This was what I would call a fairly enlightened group, and their group consciousness started out at 390. By the end of the evening I was recording 700! Since Dr. Hawkins identifies this level as the start of true enlightenment it seems we had co-created something very special.

What is also clear from many such measurements is that the level of consciousness achieved during the event being measured steadily dissipates after the event has ended – but that nobody returns to exactly where they started. There is always a slight, residual increase in each individual’s level of consciousness. It also appears that if an individual regularly joins a truly spiritually oriented group, or engages in appropriately uplifting activities on a regular basis, the residual increase in their personal consciousness after each event starts to increase with each such event.

So, my conclusions here are:

1) That all kinds of uplifting events have a major positive impact on our level of consciousness .
2) The Hawkins Scale gives us the opportunity to measure such events on a comparative basis .
3) Those events that are specifically intended to be spiritual or consciousness raising have the biggest effect on consciousness.
4) Religious or similar ritual events where most of the attendees are working by rote have a far lesser effect – the group must really mean and be fully engaged with what they are doing to achieve big advances in consciousness.
5) The more often an individual attends this type of event, the greater the positive upward increments in their own consciousness.

From making quite a number of these measurements, it is quite clear to me that being in a like-minded group is a key to this effect of a big consciousness shift. I am reminded of the Biblical quote that starts ‘When two or more of you are gathered together in my name……….’ For me, the implication is that higher consciousness is drawn to groups acting together with any form of higher intent.

The ability to measure consciousness against a scale means that specific tools for the upward engineering of our consciousness can be evolved and that, in the context of experimenting with this ability, we can get an accurate picture of what is most effective.


Many thanks to X-Hermes , the author, and to Rumor Mill News for allowing TM Awearness to post the article here.

Posted on 26/01/2011



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