Escaping The Matrix Part 6

Revelations and Disclosures

One of the most important features of this time of transformation is the act of Revelation & Disclosure. The fact is that the first step in the big shift in consciousness is to really understand the context in which we are living – the false reality.

Revelation & Disclosure is fundamental to our progress because, without a much wider understanding of what has been happening on our planet and how others attempt to control many aspects of our lives, we cannot easily move forward towards full consciousness. This requires a process of widening what we understand about our reality as we move progressively towards a total understanding .

. Why do you think the New World Order encourages us to pour scorn on ‘Conspiracy Theorists?’

It is precisely because a growing number of breathtaking conspiracies are being revealed and slowly, slowly brought into the public domain. This is incredibly dangerous for the NWO. This is why they work so hard to discredit those who would expose them. In fact, whenever you realise that some public figure is being rubbished, their character assassinated and their credentials undermined, focus closely on what it is that they have been doing or saying. Now, some of them clearly deserve it – I can think of more than one head of government. But people like Dr David Kelly, Scott Ritter, Valerie Plame and her husband and many others all have a question mark over the sudden negativity they attracted. The kind of personal attack to which they are subjected in the media is frequently a big sign that this person has got it absolutely right about something. They have stuck to their integrity in a way that threatens TPTW (The Powers That Were - remember, in a previous article we decided to put them in the past tense). Probably, they have simply gone too far, or have known too much (especially those recently deceased in controversial circumstances). They became a target. As a good ‘for instance’, look at how many dissenting politicians in the US have died in light aircraft ‘accidents’ and the like!

The fact is that many important aspects of human progress have been actively suppressed by those who, until now, have controlled the planet. The Illuminati and their successors the New World Order, whoever they really are, are right at the top of the ‘Power Pecking Order’ – or were until we decided to put them in the past tense! Their activities have included suppression of countless technologies that have the potential to bring huge benefits to humanity, but would, in the process, lessen TPTW’s control over us. Therefore, such technologies have been rigorously suppressed by those who are desperate to maintain their dominance.

Some of the more obvious examples are :

a) The cure for cancer (known for nearly 100 years, but threatening a vast and hugely profitable financial empire) b) The buying up of almost all new energy innovations by the big oil companies, in order to maintain their own energy dominance (i.e. because such innovations threaten a large and hugely profitable empire) c) The use of water to provide hydrogen and oxygen to propel cars and other vehicles (known for many years but threatening a huge, etc, etc……….)

You get the general idea? There are dozens and dozens of such examples, and you will know many of them. The fact is that our world is driven primarily by the self-interest of the powerful few, not by logical development or service to humanity. Everybody needs to know and understand this as the context from which we are emerging; every scam and manipulation has to emerge into the mainstream and have popular attention focus on it. Only then will things that have become completely calcified in the name of power, control and money move forwards once again.

A second category consists of the institutions which govern our way of life. It is not too difficult to see that every institution we have is out of integrity and past its 'sell by’ date. Education, Health, Banking, Insurance, Government, Military and others all have very serious questions to answer and are in urgent need of fundamental change. A very pertinent question to each of them is ‘who do you think you are really working for?’ The self-interest of certain large groups stands in the way of our institutions, which are usually covertly under the control of the very same groups, i.e., global bankers / big pharma / the military industrial complex / big oil and power / big religion etc. The paradox is that there are many very good and dedicated individuals within these structures, while the structures themselves are often hopelessly out of integrity.

Then there are categories of current, and vital, information that are being suppressed by a highly controlled media. Study of ‘who owns what’ shows conclusively that the New World Order and its supporters are dominant owners of the main media (especially television and national newspapers). Of course, they work to an agenda and, thus, a great deal that suggests any kind of evolutionary change may be in process is absolutely forbidden news. For example, although it is known that our sun is going through a major (hyperactive) change and is the biggest single reason for our changing and sometimes bizarre weather patterns, we are being told it is totally down to 'greenhouse gasses and industrial pollution'.

Also worth serious consideration are the many reports that suggest there has been immense contact and communication with Extra Terrestrials for many years. Since much of this contact has worked to the financial and technological advantage of special interest groups, information will never readily be volunteered here either. Indeed, there has been a huge and on-going campaign of disinformation to illustrate just how foolish people who believe in these things, or who claim sightings / contact, are.

Some of the scams that are operating in our world are absolutely breathtaking. So much so, that many - perhaps even most - humans would not believe them, even if they were clearly explained to them. This is the characteristic of the best deceptions - if you do something so audacious that nobody believes in it, how can you be found out? So for starters, let’s try Governmental control of the drugs trade. Now check your reaction: See what I mean?

We are all under a sophisticated yoke of economic and media slavery. Even the most talented professionals in our society are running to stand still and, as a result, many of our best thinkers rarely spend any quality time with themselves. They haven't got time to think. Why put them in this situation? Because people in such a state, however talented, are much less of a threat.

Why take all this trouble to control so much? Because humanity is at the point of making an evolutionary jump to a new, more conscious form. A form in which the ascendancy of personal sovereignty will be a basic characteristic. If this jump succeeds, those who control us - and profit immensely from it - are lost. Therefore, every dumbing down mechanism, every act of suppression, every conflict, every psychological or psychic control that can be used to stop us is currently being deployed. We are in a global war for the control of human consciousness. Another paradox: this war is being waged in such a blatant way that most cannot see it.


Many thanks to X-Hermes, the author, and to Rumor Mill News for allowing TM Awearness to post the article here.

Posted on 26/01/2011



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