Escaping The Matrix Part 7

Managing and Increasing One’s Vibrational Rate

The figures given below use the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness ( See Power vs Force, Dr David R. Hawkins, Published by Hay House ISBN 1-56170-933-6 ).

There are a whole range of things we can actively do to increase the power of the body energies we hold, often called our vibratory rate - a key aspect of the evolutionary jump we are now addressing. Since the task in hand is to raise our frequencies, a little attention to some practical ways of doing is most effective. What I have attempted to do is to quantify the effect of various practices and activities on our developing consciousness. Each item below is a comparative indicator, measured against ‘the average human’ (defined as currently being at the point of passing through 200 on the Hawkins Scale) each element being determined by using pendulum dowsing.

For the optimum delivery of the percentages given, it is assumed that these are regular practices, fully integrated into ones persona and way of being. Token activity definitely does not cut it in the frequency stakes! Where the item is a skill or practice, we equate gaining the maximum benefit to having achieved full mastery of the subject.

Some of the categories set out below yield a relatively small percentage gain, but are vitally important as they can act as serious energetic anchors, thereby holding energetic evolution back, if they are not dealt with. Other categories yield a great deal of progress, but are optional as they represent one of several possible upward energy paths, i.e., they represent alternative routes forward.

All these factors, when taken together, are not a straight cumulative addition, but rather a compound effect. However, what is clear is that a permanent vibrational increase of up to 500% is available by diligently adopting and integrating the right combination of practices. This will not be achieved overnight, but then, you will already have started to integrate a number of them prior to ever seeing this table. Relating this to the Hawkins Scale, 500% added to the average human rating of 200 brings you to 700, which he identifies as the onset of true higher consciousness.

Note: Since this is about vibrational/energetic growth, religion is not required, although it can be a great support for some. Where religious practices are pure, great vibrational gains can be achieved. Be warned though – some highly dogmatic or fundamentalist religious practices decrease frequency in a very damaging way.

REMEMBER THESE ARE GUIDELINES, NOT ABSOLUTES! There are many complexities and we are all different, so there will be personal variations.

The numbers and letters against each item represents the following: The numbers are the maximum degree of increased vibration available from each topic/practice, assuming the average human starts at 200. The quoted figure is thus added to that base frequency on this comparative scale.

The letters indicate four levels of importance in affecting your vibratory rate, these being V = Vital, VI = Very Important, I = Important, O = Optional.

Taking Pleasures: “The biggest secret is that we came here to enjoy ourselves”

Spending quality time with like-minded friends +90 VI
Engaging in a hobby with passion +120 I
Uplifting sound/music

a) Listening +40 VI

b) Participating +150 O

c) Chanting and appropriate voice work +140 V

Diet and Eating Habits: “You are what you Eat”

Eating all naturally produced food +52 V
Appropriate vitamin supplements +100 V
Regular fasting, 1 day per week +20 VI

2 days per week +80 VI
Purging/detox/inner cleansing of the body +140 V
Becoming vegetarian, ‘commercial’ vegetables +10 O

Naturally grown vegetables +90 O
Becoming Vegan +70 O

Physical exercise: “Keeping your Rented Space-Suit Going”

Regular walking +15 I
Playing physical sport +60 I
Dancing +70 O
Working out in the Gym +50 O
Martial Arts +110 O
Yoga +120 I

Relationships: “The Proving Ground for our Beliefs”

Personal relationship harmony +60 V
Professional/employment relationship harmony +110 VI
Letting go of inter-personal agendas and issues +80 V
Regular quality intimacy and love-making +60 I
Sacredly based love-making +190 O

Tuning/Aligning/Restoring Energies: “The Fuels of Life”

Regular harmonising of body energies +160 VI
Guided meditation to reconstruct one’s vibrational state +150 I
Appropriate Psychic Surgery +180 V
Creating/maintaining links to higher vibrational sources +180 VI
Negative ionisation of the body to rebalance the positive ionisation
caused by pollution, chemicals, electrical fields etc. +160 VI
Releasing body tensions/memories +220 VI
Harmonising chakra and auric energies +240 V

Path and Life Operating Philosophy: “Your Personal Vision for Life”
Doing what you love to do in life +170 V
Renouncing damaging competitive practices +180 V
Getting out of debt +160 V
Spending regular time alone with self +90 V
Spending time alone with self in nature +220 VI
Spending time at high energy/sacred sites +180 O

Employment Environment: “How we spend most of our Time”
Being creatively challenged and fulfilled +110 V
Avoiding non-creative stress +100 V
Having advancement prospects +80 I
Eliminating being a workaholic +120 VI
Working in an environment where your own standards operate +90 VI
Being your own boss +105 O

Living Environment: “Supporting our Beingness”
Adopting an optimum physical living environment +140 I
Eliminating your exposure to:
a) Places and situations that bring your frequency down +80 V
b) Those of negative energy who bring your frequency down +160 V
c) Negative or ‘dumbing down’ media +200 V
Being in the optimum supporting community +320 I
Eliminating electrical and magnetic pollution +180 V

Spiritual Practices: “Balancing the Spiritual with the Physical”

Moving beyond dogmatic beliefs practiced by rote +150 V
Adopting good general spiritual practices +130 V
Prayer +60 I
Invocation +90 VI
Decree +110 V
Regular meditation +160 O
Attending appropriate spiritually focused groups/activities +330 V
Use of crystals for holding energy patterns, thought forms, etc +280 V

Activating Higher Faculties: “Towards the Fully Conscious Human”

Fully developing/respecting intuition +140 V
Being in service to humanity +210 VI
Channelling (widest definition) +440 VI
Using The Lens (a form of remote viewing) +300 V
Practising energy-based healing work +380 V
Practising manifestation techniques +240 V

Summarising all the above, this is about the path to becoming a fully empowered human and pro-actively taking yourself out of the old duality in order to do so. When you are able to stand fully in your power with everything aligned, in an appropriate living environment, your body fully honoured, life issues effectively transformed and ENJOYING YOUR LIFE the implied potential vibratory increase will have taken you to the onset of higher consciousness necessary to take the next big step forward. This represents a significant journey in maximising the energy that you command through your way of being, the accompanying faculties that come with those energies and the determining factor in the whole Escape from the Matrix: your own dramatically rising CONSCIOUSNESS!


Many thanks to X- Hermes, the author, and to Rumor Mill News for allowing TM Awearness to post this article here.

Posted on 26/01/2011



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