Escaping The Matrix Part 8

The Energy of your Living Environment

Some buildings generate high frequency natural energies that are potentially very beneficial to us. The physical building you live in makes a large difference to both your consciousness, and your potential to increase your consciousness, because of how it generates or negates natural energy flows. Remember that the New World Order want your bodily energy systems to be held at a frequency below the magic 200 level on the Hawkins scale (see previous postings), so as to keep energetic (and therefore consciousness) control. Living in a highly natural-energised building will help lift you above this level, merely by the fact of being in that high natural energy environment.

Ratings shown below are comparative, based on pendulum dowsing. In this table 0% means that the building is energetically completely dead, and does absolutely nothing for you. In practice, a building that is inert will quite probably bring your energies down, since your energies are higher than its energies are. 100% means the most energy possible for an ‘ordinary’ dwelling. The first figures illustrate the natural energies (or not) associated with living inside the following shapes:

A conventional house with rectangular rooms 0%

An apartment with rectangular rooms 0%

A 3-sided pyramid 12.5%

Any circular room 40%

A canvas Tee Pee 50%

A Yurt 58%

A crystal shape (single terminated, 5 sides, on end) 60%

A hide Tee Pee 65%

A circular dome 85%

An elongated dome (Golden mean proportions) 99%

The critical point here is that building with lots of corners tend to trap and diminish natural energies. Buildings with natural curves designed in tend to encourage, and may actually accelerate natural energies.

The materials of which your home environment is constructed are also important. Here is another relative scale indicating the ability of construction materials to hold appropriate frequencies:

Aluminum and Glass 16%

Steel and Glass 20%

Concrete 39%

Fibreglass and insulation panels 45%

Brick, steel framed 62%

Brick, timber framed 65%

Timber (Board) 71%

All Brick 71%

Stone 71%

Straw Bales 72%

Timber (log) 84%

Adobe 91%

Hempcrete 98%

The point here is that we all spend much of our time (waking and sleeping) in our homes. Our natural energy environment can either uplift us, or depress us (energetically, or indeed, psychologically). If your purpose is to escape the matrix, start thinking about the space in which you live and how you might improve your energy environment.

It would appear that living in an elongated dome (horizontally) in the proportions of the golden mean (widest to narrowest) and constructed from hempcrete (see web for definitions) should see us well provided for! As far as I can establish, this shape, with good interior design to support the energy effects well, would equate to a level approaching 600 on the Hawkins scale of consciousness. Such a building should therefore have a huge accelerating effect on the consciousness of its inhabitants! Although I have a good idea as to how one will look, and have memories of them in other times and places, I do not know of a modern construction of such a design.

Now, it is not possible for most of us to simply move to a rather exotically shaped and constructed building. What else can we do?

I would make the point that ANY time spent in a high-energy space will be beneficial. Indeed, it is why religious buildings have an array of spires, domes and towers. All contribute to the positive energy inside the building, and should lead to the attendees being uplifted, energetically. For me, I get far more of a lift just being under a big dome or spire, than I do from the dogmatic rituals that tend to take place in the same building – but that is entirely another subject!

Meanwhile, all is not lost in the square cornered, concrete constructed apartment you have the large mortgage on. Healthy plants have a positive impact on the energy of your living environment. So does establishing some sort of shrine or meditation point that is sacred to you – and using it. Moving water features (small indoor fountains and the like) have an energetically beneficial effect, as do colour combinations that support your shifting consciousness. The Chinese Art of Feng Shui positions your worldly belongings to a system designed to optimise the internal energies of each room, and the interactions between them. Space clearing will remove old, heavy energies, and appropriate invocation techniques can bring in fresh new ones. Crystals, appropriately selectd and placed, help hold higher frequencies. There are many other potentially positive elements which you will know intuitively – and some may be very specific to you. If you work at it you can bring magic – and the accompanying positive energies – into even the most inappropriately designed and constructed living space. As you do so, you hasten your departure from the Matrix.


Many thanks to X-Hermes, the author, and to Rumor Mill News for allowing TM Awearness to post the article here.

Posted on 26/01/2011



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